The Certificate in Corporate Coaching

Are you ready to add corporate and organisational coaching skills to your toolbag?

Join our Certificate in Corporate Coaching and take the next step in your coaching journey.

Join the unique Animas course for qualified and in-training coaches who wish to build on their core coaching skills to work in the corporate, organisational and executive space.

Created and delivered by highly-experienced corporate coach, consultant and supervisor, Mia O'Gorman, this certificated and accredited course will enable you to dive beneath the hood of this fascinating profession and gain the skills that open the door.

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Module 1

Excellence and Authenticity

Coaching is widely embraced by business for its success in accelerating performance and development. The corporate coaching market continues to grow, with organisations seeking coaches to help valued individuals raise self-awareness, enhance relationships and impact, develop leadership capability, re-shape culture, overcome blocks to performance and build resilience.

Enabling clients to meet these challenges, enjoy their careers and achieve work-life balance calls on corporate coaches to excel in a wide range of skills. Coaches need to be credible, ethical, able to manage the process from first contact to final evaluation, and of course add value through the coaching itself.

Would you like to build your capacity as a corporate coach? Have you started coaching in the corporate world, but feel you could be more effective? Are you an established corporate coach looking to take your practice to the next level?

Designed for coaches who work, or wish to work, in the corporate coaching market, this module will enable you to meet the demands and reap the rewards of this exciting work, through exploring the structures and processes that drive excellence in delivery, as well as your skills and authenticity in the critical moments of coaching.

Module 2

Enabling Integrated Change

Corporate coaching is often focused on achieving tangible outcomes for clients and their organisations – measurable shifts in performance, skills, behaviour, relationships and employee engagement or culture. When seen as a business investment in valued people, a focus on the external results of coaching is no surprise. However, achieving these external results frequently requires shifts in the client’s inner world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and capacity for change.

To be fully effective, corporate coaches need the skills, methods, confidence and judgement to work in both the inner and outer worlds, potentially overcoming client resistance such as seeking quick solutions, scepticism about value, or discomfort with talking about their inner world – anything that might be termed ‘fluffy’, ‘deep’ or ‘woo-woo’.

Enabling Integrated Change draws on the psychology and neuroscience of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, change and adult development. It is designed for coaches who work, or wish to work, in corporate coaching, and all coaches who wish to enhance their skills to help clients achieve sustainable change.

This module will equip you to work more confidently, credibly and effectively with clients on the aspects of their inner world that are blocking change in their outer world development, behaviours, performance and impact.

Module 3

Deploying Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools in the form of personality profiles and 360° feedback are in widespread use in the corporate sector, and can be a powerful element of any coach’s toolbox. Businesses value these tools for the personal insight gained by individual coaching clients, the collective insight gained when results are aggregated, the creation of a common language to talk about how people work and, in the case of 360° feedback, as an impact measure for coaching and development programmes.

Personality profiles provide a framework to describe our preferences, traits and motivations. Having a lens and a language to recognise personal needs and respond to others’ needs through adapting behaviours can help improve communication, relationships, and influence.

360° feedback provides a picture of actual behaviours and impact on colleagues. Through a combination of numerical ratings and written comments, reports may highlight important gaps between what someone thinks they do and what others experience, opening blind spots and catalysing motivation for change, or revealing hidden strengths and how they could be leveraged.

Many licensed diagnostic tools require coaches to complete a practitioner accreditation. However, personal experience of diagnostic tools, and knowledge of core principles and good practices for their use in coaching, are an asset to any coach.

This module explores personality profiling and 360° feedback in coaching, and includes the opportunity to receive your own personality profile and practice interpreting a 360° feedback report.

Dates and Structure

To meet the needs of our alumni, we are running this programme in two different formats.

Group 1 will run from late February and comprise 6 full-day Saturday sessions.

Group 2 will run from early June and comprise 12 half-day Thursday sessions.

The full dates and times are shown below.

Group 1 | 6 Full-Day Saturdays, 10am - 5.30pm - Starting Feb 2021

All sessions for this group take place on Saturdays from 10.00am until 5.30pm using a virtual learning environment.

Module 1 - Excellence and Authenticity

Saturday, 27th February

Saturday, 6th March

Module 2 - Enabling Integrated Change

Saturday, 20th March

Saturday, 27th March

Module 3 - Deploying Diagnostic Tools

Saturday, 10th April

Saturday, 17th April

Group 2 | 12 Half-Day Thursdays, 9.30am - 1.00pm - Starting June 2021

All sessions for this group take place on Thursdays from 9.30am until 13.00pm using a virtual learning environment.

Module 1 - Excellence and Authenticity

Thursday, 10th June

Thursday, 17th June

Thursday, 24th June

Thursday, 1st July

Module 2 - Enabling Integrated Change

Thursday, 22nd July

Thursday, 29th July

Thursday, 5th August

Thursday, 12th August

Module 3 - Deploying Diagnostic Tools

Thursday, 2nd September 2021

Thursday, 9th September 2021

Thursday, 16th September 2021

Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Never Miss a Session

We know that it can be difficult to attend every session and because we only run the group twice, it is not possible to transferred across session dates.

But don't worry! We have you covered.

All sessions are recorded and you'll have access to a platform where you can catch up on missed sessions or rewatch parts of the training you want to reinforce.

Certification and Accreditation


The course is certified by Animas Centre for Coaching, one of the world's leading coaching schools


The programme is accredited with 36 Hours of ICF Continuing Coach Education.

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